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MAGNA MA03ECRANECRANECRANECRANECRANECRANECRANECRANECRANECRANMAGNA TYRES develops and manufactures high quality tyres for construction and mining purposes, especially designed for the most severe applications.This tyre is designed for use on cranes on highway and off- road applicationsThe aggressive, self-cleaning tread design provides excellent traction in severe off-road applications.Long-lasting, non-directional tread design improves efficient fuel consumption and guarantees operating comfort.The non-directional tread design provides excellent traction while optimizing rolling resistance.All steel radial construction. Improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort.New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build up inside the tyre.Tyre sizePatternTra codeLoad symbolLoad/Speed IndexOverall diameterSection widthTread depthRimSingle max load/ pressureTyre weight(mm)(mm)(mm)(kg)385/95R24MA03E2***170 E13724062410.00/W6000 kg/10 bar133385/95R25MA03E2***170 F13724062410.00/1.56000 kg/10 bar135445/95R25MA03E2***174 F14994322511.25/2.06700 kg/9.0 bar209525/80R25MA03E2**179 E14995333117.00/2.07750 kg/7.0 bar231Magna Tyres Group P.O. Box 4365140 AK Waalwijk The NetherlandsMagna Tyres Group Elzenweg 75144 MB Waalwijk The NetherlandsPhone: +31 416 675 220Fax: +31 416 675 221Email:

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