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Our 2015 Energy ReportLast year, we made energy reduction an even greater focus and this has resulted in a significant reduction to our Carbon Footprint.Electricity16% reduction over 3 yearsIn 2015, we widened our use of LED lighting throughout our factory and we invested in a new series of compressors, as well as replacing some of the delivery pipework. We are now using 16% less electricity for every tyre we manufacture compared with 3 years ago.Gas14% reduction over 3 yearsWe have seen a 14% gas reduction over three years as we have invested in a new heating control mechanism and our advanced production techniques have reduced tyre cure time.We are continuing to cut our Carbon Dioxide emissionsIn 2015, the use of recycled material resulted in a saving of over 13,300 tonnes of C02 against the use of virgin materialsWe have a zero general waste to landfill policy that is certified as part of our EMS controls and we have reduced the number of scrap casings sent for recycling.In 2015, we recycled over 5,000 tonnes of tyres and this resulted in over 4,200 tonnes of rubber granulate used in sports surfaces and children’s playgrounds and over 800 tonnes of recycled steel.The use of these recycled products resulted in an overall C02 emissions saving of over 13,300 tonnes against using virgin materials.www.vaculug.com